Our terrain with the touristy camping spots, which is meant for camping for shorter periods of time, is uniquely situated directly next to the lake Kagerplassen. This makes it very suitable for canoeers. The last few years many canoe clubs have visited this beautiful spot. For sailors it’s also an ideal camping. 

Each year more and more competitive sailors participate during the annual “Kaagweek” (week of the Kagerplassen), which takes place in the second/third week of July. From our camping they can easily reach the starting tower of the “Kaagsociëteit” by boat and the supporting family members can easily watch the competition from a distance, from our camping.



The last few years the touristy camping terrain is being used for group camping more and more, in the spring and autumn. Not only do a lot of canoe clubs visit our camping, a lot of family weekends and school trips are also organized at and to our camping. A large advantage for those groups is that they have the possibility to use the recreation room for some indoor activities if the weather is disappointing. For instance: if it’s rainy a barbecue can be held there.

When you would like to camp at our camping for a couple of days or weeks, we advise you to contact us, so that we can inform you about the availability of our camping spots and maybe to make a reservation for you. It would be a shame if we would have to disappoint you because we do not have a camping spot for you. For our rates for the season of 2021 we would like to refer to our rate list for passerbyers, on which our nightly prices are stated. 

PLEASE NOTE that for the season of 2020 we had the following measures because of the Coronavirus. Of course at this moment we do not yet know whether there will be Corona measures for 2021.

As of the 15th of June our sanitary building is open to a limited extent. This is mainly due to the measure that everyone who does not belong to the same family must keep 1.5 meters away from others.

Due to the restrictions on the use of our sanitary building, we ask all guests to use their own sanitary facilities as much as possible.

Another measure during this period of Corona is how to reserve a camping pitch. For the period from 1 July to mid-September, you can currently only book a camping pitch for a minimum of one week via our reservation form, see campingspijkerboor.nl/…n/reservation-form

You must indicate in the comments section that you have your own sanitary facilities. If you do not have your own sanitary facilities, we cannot process your reservation. The possibility exists that there will be a new outbreak of the virus, after which our sanitary building may have to be closed again. In this way, we want to prevent that we cannot welcome guests without their own sanitary facilities and have to cancel reservations with a possible refund.

If you do not have your own sanitary facilities, or if you cannot or do not want to reserve a camping pitch for at least a week, you can contact us a few days before you plan to camp in July or August. We will then inform you whether we have a camping pitch available for you.

These are both the main national Corona measures and our measures as a result of Corona:

  • always keep 1.5 meters away from people who do not belong to your family;
  • often wash your hands with soap;
  • if you have a cold, go home;
  • if you also get a fever, you are obliged to go home with all housemates;
  • it is not permitted for persons placed in home quarantine to stay in a chalet / caravan / tent / boat during the relevant period;
  • receive a maximum of five visitors per camping vehicle or boat;
  • use your own sanitary facilities as much as possible;
  • follow the mandatory instructions when using our sanitary facilities.

Many thanks for you attention!