From 2001 till 2005 we have spent the winter months enlarging the terrains of the yearly camping spots for the mobile homes and the site caravans one by one and renewing the public services in four phases. As a result, we now have a beautiful terrain with a park-like appearance. It is possible to stay at our camping for ten months a year. Only in the month of November and from 10 January till 10 February our terrain is closed. Permanent occupation is not allowed at our camping.

One part of the metamorphosis of the yearly camping spots was reorganizing a new terrain with 28 yearly camping spots, called “Kwikstaart”. A few new, maintenance-freecaravans in the category of chalets or mobile homes have already been placed there. The chalets are allowed to have a maximum surface area of 45 m². The areas of these yearly camping spots (which can be rented) are 175 or 200 m².

Please note that it is not allowed to bring more than one dog.